i make music now


phasing out

this blog will stay alive though i rarely give her breath by new poetic posts.

find me here with more arts antics than personal poetics


ill doctrine on mj


the artist's accountatbility

a friend and i made a baby, abstract random.

our baby has grown into an animal i am growing to know, striving to mold.

for an artist exists when audience listens

and is therefore accountable

to present and communicate a sacred shared feeling

when i grow up, i want to be like rux


ian kamau - september 09 mixtape

download ian kamau september 09 mixtape here
ian kamau on podomatic
ian kamau myspace

Not Far From Home... June 26, 2009 doors 7pm @ anitafrika! dub theatre

Not Far From Home is an exhibit of photography from my travels to Cuba, Kenya, Brazil and Ghana. There will be performances by myself and Afrakaren Nile and a screeening of Stolen From Africville as well as my parents' (Claire Prieto & Roger McTair) film Home To Buxton.

anitafrika! dub theatre is located at 62 fraser avenue (liberty village)
call 416 434 1823 or check out www.anitafrika.com


download the mixtape at airkj.com



is it okay

if a person of color generalizes about white people?

if queer women hypersexualize womens' bodies?

if once-persecuted people oppress a nation?

do unto others, as...

her sparkly lov


sun n jam are abstract random

abstract random is lover sun and jamilah malika. armed with a portable amp, microphone, sampler and projector, abstract random create an art show that can go from street to stage. abstract random use art, costumes & theatrix to create an organic unique art experience installation – a story told by the visual, with the sound and through the words. all three. always. love, abstract random.

abstract random is an arts experience – part poetry, part music, part play, part call to arms to humanity.

we tell stories through

image (from body art to video projection)
sound (from sampler to stompin beats) and
words (from microphone to you)

we come to your town as

abstract random sound crew :: lover sun on ones n twos and jamilah with freestyle flow
abstract random youth workshop :: accessible multimedia storytelling program
abstract random :: image, sound, word story

performing @
the gladstone hotel - les blues event - wed july 24 (open second set)
the fruitloops stage - pride - sat july 27 (busking all day around the parade)
pedestrian sunday - kensington market - sun july 28 (busking)
88 days of fortune - 960 heart beat (960 Queen W) - full set 10pm

hear us on womens word CHRY 105.5 or streaming live @ www.chry.fm wed july 24th 12-1pm

email abstractrandomis@gmail.com for more info
myspace in development... look out for ep 'disrupt disreality' dis summer.

beyond the struggle


right now

my mother says 'look to your roots to see your responsibilities; the cultural legacy of your peoples behooves you to take advantage of your privilege'

i'd like to leave for the equator (sea level) and let this whole life drop (to attain some level of perspective) and return to pick up only those essential pieces. those essential eternal pieces.

for i can't see from here.