d'bi young anitafrika - dub poet

please forward the clip to 5 minutes to hear my favorite poem by this brilliant black poet artist performer community activist womban mother sister friend. please visit us this week for the story tellers groundings conference at the new anitAFRIKA! dub theatre in liberty village TO.

game is my middle name

they say some foolishness bout 'behind every strong man, is a woman' and i say it's foolishness because this silly saying self perpetuates and we accept that the female partner's contribution is blurred in the background somewhere while we focus on the man out in front - here's what we lose - this is betty davis (second wife to miles who, as talented a musician as he was, beat every last woman in his life, mother included) - now livin in NYC, this woman pushed out albums in the seventies that are among the most raw rock n' soul i think i've ever heard. thx for tha tip cola!


a tune from me to you

an honor, a privilege and a blessing -

grâce a l'univers
quel honneur
je te jure
c'est immesurable
comment je suis


je savais
mais je connais pas
je sentais
mas je vivais pas
cette sorte de vie
ce type d’attitude
cars je travaillais
mon p’tit bulot
mais je n'ai jamais exprimé
ma raison d’etre
et alors
a ce moment
je vous remerci