a song for you -

have you heard me sing before? here's a lil ditty that struck me this morning:

(clapx6) Yesterday I quit my job
(clapx6) Yah, yesterday, well I quit my job
(drum roll/soul clap)
if you only kneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew
just how good it feeeeeeeeeeeeeels
i just wanna shout, (clap) i just wanna sing (clap) -
I JUST QUIT MY JOB! (clapx6)


less and less canadian every day

every day i learn something new about canada that makes me want to toss my passport out the window... from alberta to afghanistan, from the federal government's attack on the nation's homeless and working poor, from corporate crime in africa, from absurd new spending in the Feb 2008 federal budget - $122M on new prisons, $400M to recruit new police officers and $43M to create a federal wire-tapping agency of our very own - remind you of anyone???

NOW I see this - which Canada did not sign. (only other non signatories include US, Australia and New Zealand - now that's a quartet I'd prefer not to be lumped with...)

I do not care that UN declarations are touted as "rhetoric", "lacking guidance" or enforcement mechanisms or whatever; I do care that this document is the basis of reasonable grievances around the world related to climate change...

The crux of the matter is don't believe the hype. I'm referring to the touchyfeely, neutralnature, lovetheyneighbor Canadian hype. Shake it off, suck it up and face the facts.

If Canadians continue to wander about the globe proudly stitching the maple leaf on our backpacks, sooner or later we'll lose the warm welcome I have experienced abroad and sooner than later we'll find that at home we - regular Canadians - are not so welcome either.


heard of soko?

there is money to be made from misery

the market is madness - during this fiscal quarter alone
  • Shell and BP report record profits this quarter as the price of oil jumps from $100 to $120 - OPEC president explained the rise as a result of the falling US dollar and global political insecurity. Exxon Mobil reported first quarter earning 10.9B - up 17% from last year.
  • Cargill, Bunge and Archer Daniels Midland Company (Global Agribusinesses & Speculators) report 86%, 77% and 67% increases in profits as the world plunges into a global famine we have never seen the likes of...
doesn't it seem abundantly clear where to procure the funds to necessary to address "insecurity"?


new york city - a lovely time and...

an opportunity to take a look at my situation - distance always allows for greater perspective...

the experience of my life lately is an acutely heightened experience; expectations and insecurities have reached a critical state and I am faltering slightly, wavering, teetering precariously in a what-to-do-now kind of limbo, overwhelmed by options, tracking choices and alternatives, weighing all possibilities (which are in fact endless).

nyc ruffled my feathers. disturbed the cool facade i convince myself/others of. unsettled my spirit. and presented me with new possibilities.

as the plan was landing i wrote this:
I cannot re-immerse myself without heeding this discovery - I must hold it close to me against my chest and look closely at its raw, blank neediness - it is calling to me, "know yourself, be yourself, first see yourself"

there are two kinds of people in my life. there are many people who tell me how it is, how i am, how it will be, why it was, why i am, why it is so, what i should do, when i shoulda have done it, why i should do so. there are very few people who respond to my questions, commentary and madness with thoughtful questions, humble glances, curious suggestions and warm silences. i am thankful for both.