it occured to me today -
nobody knows more
about me
than me

(so no more listening to
anybody's presumptions
bout who i am or oughta be)

parkdale - PD, parkdizzy, tha hood

how i love my neighborhood!

we are industrious and scavengers
we are outcasts, artists, madmen
we are poor with a few rich too
and we are more resourceful than you

when the parade or a show bring the city our way
we piece off our lawns for you to park (ten bucks flat rate)
and stock up on water and beer to sell to you that day

still when you visit, you turn up your nose at our
aging housing
murmuring alleys
graffiti'd scenery
and the
on the plight of

but we feel the breeze from the lake
and our liquor store is open very late
and we eat thai, vitenamese, jamaican, trini, guyanese, iranian -
any kinda food
and we got open mic night and all kindsa nightlife too

all i'm sayin is stop hatin
stop disrespecting my community
cos parkdale has more culture
than alla TO's bougie streets


what is more arbitrary than money?

prices are never fixed
include overhead and other inputs
like labour (but who decides the fee?)
exclude environmental externalities
live in limbo with
such ephemeral phenomena as
supply and demand
credit rates
slight of hand
tricky business
'ceterus parabis'
'they' say

but all other things are not equal

yes, hard work "pays"
but not always in money
still some people make a lot of money
but ain't it funny -
when you got big money
you don't really need to spend it -
you get swag, line bypass, VIP
free drinks, they all want you so
"buddy, it's on me!"

but when you ain't got no money
lord help you
(and me)
cos ain't nothing like tryna dig from out that hole
tryna get free
cos financial freedom is very far from free
it is in many circumstances very close to futile
out of reach, unattainable, costly to achieve
for he, she, you, me
for eighty per cent of all a' we

you can find money and money can find you
good or bad luck can bring you money
inheritance, insurance settlement, gambling, stocks, lottery,
but you can beg for money and never get it too
not for lack of trying - money can easily evade you


you can make money selling your soul, your body, your mind
you can make money killing, stealing, hurting, fighting
you can make money lying, conning, scamming, conniving

oil spills make money
cancer makes money
even money makes money

but mummies don't make money just being mummies
so you can't make money loving,
can you?

i'm going to give it a try
put love in to everything i do
and if i make money
the love would have been part of the reason too
and if i don't make money
i won't hang my head in shame
cos i know money is seriously arbitrary
i will not let it
make me.


diplo, je t'adore, je t'adore