don't be afraid of the photo

hey friends,

i recieved a comment that the pic to the right could be perceived as some indication of terrorist tendencies...

officially, i am not linked to any cell, but my last name is highly suspicious in Trinidad as I share it with a certain notorious figure (this speeds up alot of otherwise time-consuming exchanges, getting a car fixed, for example, much faster with innuendo including my father's name)

the purpose of the picture selection was merely to show no more than necessary, seen?

the eyes are windows they say - eyes are all you need to see my soul splayed all over your screen in words, color and select imagery.

thank you for reading...


effin google.

sometimes when a blogger posts an ad on blogspot the words below appear to the right of the screen:

Earn money from your blog

Let your blogging pay off with relevant ads from Google AdSense.

that's messed up.

the firm

financial firms ain't nuthin but a lucrative spinoff of the almighty market;
alleged self-regulating machine with laws as natural as the environment,
but it is not so, those rusty wheels need greasin and finesse,
how else are rules altered, omitted, turned against the rest?

well, the 'big 4' exist to keep the rich richer
by tellin their clients how to minimize costs, hedge bets, manage risk
- essentially how to rape better,
how to do it faster, harder with an efficient get away
the firms make elite more exclusive
chip chip chippin
at justice, rights, security...
money in the bank ain't working for you and me.

it's invested somewhere likely hurting someone,
cause that which makes them richer
is a loss to some lowly one,
some lowly being with breath and spirit
yet no money, no land, no claim, no hand in it
no control over; still controlled by it.

those spinning wheels, they don't oil themselves;
the 'big 4 do it,' they be doin' it well.

i gotta quit this job. asap.

we're all crazy

So, I've heard/read a response to my sympathy for the homeless -
"They're crazy, you people with pity are silly, 'cos they're simply deranged, mentally unstable alcoholic drug abusers"

Umm... here's the thing about that - we're all crazy; levels of prescription drug use in our society are at all time highs (not to mention it's in the tap water) even though new studies are confirming suspicions that prozac aint nuthin but a sugar pill with mean side effects.

The west specializes in consumer style escapism (you wanna feel better? go for a drive, go shopping, get drunk... spend money = feel better) to the point of debilitating debt - I'm pretty sure that's a sign of complete lunacy on a social scale.

So if you're scared to try my humanity test for fear that the bum is also a madman, don't worry, he's probably not as loopy as most of us regular folk with homes, jobs and all that good stuff that sends us careening over the edge into consumer crazy.



an inverse haiku

The subway speeds to a stop
Danger! gate unlocked?
Drunk! Bum! swallowed by the dark.

The platform of passengers boarded as though no one saw him stumble down into the tunnel but we all did - myself included. I'm sorry. While the subway screeched away I became aware there was very little space between the flying, steel cars and fixed, concrete walls for a body. I'm sorry. I keep wondering if I actually saw it? I heard no news of a homeless man's death in the subway to confirm the frightful memory.