we're all crazy

So, I've heard/read a response to my sympathy for the homeless -
"They're crazy, you people with pity are silly, 'cos they're simply deranged, mentally unstable alcoholic drug abusers"

Umm... here's the thing about that - we're all crazy; levels of prescription drug use in our society are at all time highs (not to mention it's in the tap water) even though new studies are confirming suspicions that prozac aint nuthin but a sugar pill with mean side effects.

The west specializes in consumer style escapism (you wanna feel better? go for a drive, go shopping, get drunk... spend money = feel better) to the point of debilitating debt - I'm pretty sure that's a sign of complete lunacy on a social scale.

So if you're scared to try my humanity test for fear that the bum is also a madman, don't worry, he's probably not as loopy as most of us regular folk with homes, jobs and all that good stuff that sends us careening over the edge into consumer crazy.


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