the firm

financial firms ain't nuthin but a lucrative spinoff of the almighty market;
alleged self-regulating machine with laws as natural as the environment,
but it is not so, those rusty wheels need greasin and finesse,
how else are rules altered, omitted, turned against the rest?

well, the 'big 4' exist to keep the rich richer
by tellin their clients how to minimize costs, hedge bets, manage risk
- essentially how to rape better,
how to do it faster, harder with an efficient get away
the firms make elite more exclusive
chip chip chippin
at justice, rights, security...
money in the bank ain't working for you and me.

it's invested somewhere likely hurting someone,
cause that which makes them richer
is a loss to some lowly one,
some lowly being with breath and spirit
yet no money, no land, no claim, no hand in it
no control over; still controlled by it.

those spinning wheels, they don't oil themselves;
the 'big 4 do it,' they be doin' it well.

i gotta quit this job. asap.

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