last day at the firm

today is my last day

i do not fear
but i am overly aware

there is no
there is no


that i have
the right/wrong
to date


d'bi.young anitafrika dub theatre opening tonight 7pm 62 fraser avenue (parkdale)

if you live in toronto and love dub, then you know the dub poets collective ... if you know the dub poets collective, then you know lillian allen... if you know lillian allen, then you know d'bi young.

well d'bi young has returned from the UK theatre run of Da Kink.

and she has returned with a vengeance; last night i saw her perform to a small room of OCAD students. her words assault the mic. rythem follows her cadence. no music but her voice carries the beat. while her bangles punctuate the verse. she is a brilliant dub poet sharing words and stories about struggle and love. on stage, she is a sight to be seen and to be heard. the city is glad to have her back i feel for -

d'bi is opening the anitaAFRIKA! dub theatre at 62 fraser avenue (king and dufferin) -

parkdale big up! if i may speak on our behalf, we over-ostracized parkdalians are honored and ecstatic that dbi is bringing a radical, community artspace to our humble hood -

come out tonigth at 7pm to support the launch party of the first storyteller.groundings.fest slated to run Aug 19-24th, 2008

Live Performances and DJsbidding marketplace * raffles * henna body art * kissing booth * donations welcomed

anitAFRIKA dub theatre welcomes you to its new home in west toronto adt! is a radical arts initiative founded by d'bi young during her mentorhsip with dubb aatist visionary ahdri zhina mandiela, based on seven principles of dubpoetry and dubtheatre, used as mediums of social change through storytelling. This fundraising event is meant to gather resources for the company's inaugural storyteller.groundings.fest.

62 fraser avenue - parkdale- liberty village - one block south of King - two blocks east of dufferin. for more info 416.434.1823.

nouveau riche band - new ep - free money

Download the new, first, two years in the making EP from the nouveau riche band.

nouveau riche is based outta philly and lyrically fronted by soon-to-blow singer/songwriter nikki jean and established illadelplh emcee Dice Raw (of the Roots). you can watch nikki jean's endearing daily blog to get to the minute updates on her new album deal (to be produced by sam hollander - exclusively) as well as nouveau riche news.

it's rock, it's roll, they got mad soul, bit a hip hop, but a bit more original style. check 'em out.

i'd love to see them live - if you hear of any shows, please let me know!

here's a clip of nouveau riche opening for spankrock (also philly-based, also worth lending an ear!)


still loving KJ

the mixtape is below, but i must also post this video from keziah jones - the track is technically dated, but the content is stunner:

beauty real, beauty drawn, beauty feel, beauty born, beauty sing, beauty dance, beauty fly, beauty stance, beauty style, beauty flow, beauty high, beauty low...

remember, debut album from keziah jones 'nigerian wood' coming september 2008.

new mix - diplo vs. santogold

i am going to download this and drop it onto my ipod cos me dun kno' dis mix ah de fiya!!!

course you know diplo, but do you know santi white, aka santogold?

you ought to - she's luverly and amongst my favorite artists who does/can/will not "sing" a la american idol fake gold standards - santogold is a fierce new addition to a community of artists that just plain know better than to pander to reactionary industry expectations about genres or marketability or "it" factor foolishness. her eponymous album dropped earlier this year, 3rd single comin in august, keep your eyes peeled and your ears... husked? hmmm...

listen for it is all i'm saying - talent raw and tasty as sashimi. check her out - there's my fav track below.

big up. respect. luv da mix diplo - thx.

International call for delegates - Ignite the Americas forum September 15-21st

Sharing a message from Che Kothari photographer and co-founder of manifesto & earkwaks:

Peace. If you didn't know already, I wanted to let you all know of this opportunity for a youth arts policy forum, IGNITE THE AMERICAS (, a working forum that we are planning and delivering in Toronto, Canada through the Canadian Government and under the auspices of the OAS.

In September we will be bringing together a group of 68 delegates from across the Americas to work on three main outcomes:
1. Policy recommendations for the OAS (Organization of American States) Culture Ministerial meeting in Barbados in November.
2. The Development of a Pan-American network of young people using arts for social change and community development. This network will include not only NGO organizations but also individual artists, socially conscious businesses etc.
3. The creation of Tool Kits for other young people who are interested in creating a project or socially responsible business in their communities throughout the Americas.The dates for this forum are September 15th-21st.

Besides what will be a really cool and productive working session there is the Manifesto festival running parallel to IGNITE THE AMERICAS.Right now we are trying to identify the best possible delegates from each country across the Americas (including of course the Caribbean but, excluding however Cuba).We have funding to bring up 2 people from each country. We will cover all of their costs (flights, accommodation, per diems) should they be successful in becoming one of our delegates.Right now we are trying to spread the word so any help you can give in sending out the above link (I will include it again at the end of this message) to your networks would be MUCH appreciated.You guys should apply yourself as well.The application is available in English, French, Spanish & Portuguese. With respect, Peace, CK.

visit & download an informational deck for more in depth details


a warning to man

listen man,
do not lie to your woman

do not lie to your woman
'specially 'bout that sex
when you
where you
who you

'cos word spreads
contagious as STDs
transmitted orally

time, chance and womens' sense
will inevitably unspin
your web

and when word spreads
then you will regret
but worse yet
'cos you one man lie
women moan and cry
(and learn to believe)
"oh man, why do all men lie?"

listen woman,
you know
you knew
all along

artist alert - keziah jones

shortly before keziah jones drops his debut album in September entitled 'nigeria wood', fairtilizer drops this/his wicked NY vs. Lagos mix - ENJOY! i do...

sorry friend, what to do

breathe deep
the mood has passed

shoulders lower
now can relax
the mood has passed

smile returned
thank god she's back
the mood has passed

please repeat what you said before
i missed it
please excuse what i said before
i've fixed it

rather it sorted itself out
while i impatiently waited it out

sorry if you took a hit...


sorry, another candidate has more direct experience with policy...

everything is all up in the air,
floating just above my head,
just out of my reach,
blurry and hot to the touch it seems

everything is hovering above me
moving slow then quick then slow
i can't seem to pace my flow
too late, no wait, now too early

everything is not going as planned
but should i really tell you this?
truth is
the shit is out of hand
out of my hands rather
outside of my control
and i'm
out of dough
out of 'in'
out and out
time to begin again

no plans this time
no expectations
no path to follow
no game to win

stupid degree
false sense of security
stupid job
false sense of security
drop them all
false sense of security
watch me fall

time to begin again
shit makes no sense at all