new mix - diplo vs. santogold

i am going to download this and drop it onto my ipod cos me dun kno' dis mix ah de fiya!!!

course you know diplo, but do you know santi white, aka santogold?

you ought to - she's luverly and amongst my favorite artists who does/can/will not "sing" a la american idol fake gold standards - santogold is a fierce new addition to a community of artists that just plain know better than to pander to reactionary industry expectations about genres or marketability or "it" factor foolishness. her eponymous album dropped earlier this year, 3rd single comin in august, keep your eyes peeled and your ears... husked? hmmm...

listen for it is all i'm saying - talent raw and tasty as sashimi. check her out - there's my fav track below.

big up. respect. luv da mix diplo - thx.

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