International call for delegates - Ignite the Americas forum September 15-21st

Sharing a message from Che Kothari photographer and co-founder of manifesto & earkwaks:

Peace. If you didn't know already, I wanted to let you all know of this opportunity for a youth arts policy forum, IGNITE THE AMERICAS (, a working forum that we are planning and delivering in Toronto, Canada through the Canadian Government and under the auspices of the OAS.

In September we will be bringing together a group of 68 delegates from across the Americas to work on three main outcomes:
1. Policy recommendations for the OAS (Organization of American States) Culture Ministerial meeting in Barbados in November.
2. The Development of a Pan-American network of young people using arts for social change and community development. This network will include not only NGO organizations but also individual artists, socially conscious businesses etc.
3. The creation of Tool Kits for other young people who are interested in creating a project or socially responsible business in their communities throughout the Americas.The dates for this forum are September 15th-21st.

Besides what will be a really cool and productive working session there is the Manifesto festival running parallel to IGNITE THE AMERICAS.Right now we are trying to identify the best possible delegates from each country across the Americas (including of course the Caribbean but, excluding however Cuba).We have funding to bring up 2 people from each country. We will cover all of their costs (flights, accommodation, per diems) should they be successful in becoming one of our delegates.Right now we are trying to spread the word so any help you can give in sending out the above link (I will include it again at the end of this message) to your networks would be MUCH appreciated.You guys should apply yourself as well.The application is available in English, French, Spanish & Portuguese. With respect, Peace, CK.

visit & download an informational deck for more in depth details


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