d'bi.young anitafrika dub theatre opening tonight 7pm 62 fraser avenue (parkdale)

if you live in toronto and love dub, then you know the dub poets collective ... if you know the dub poets collective, then you know lillian allen... if you know lillian allen, then you know d'bi young.

well d'bi young has returned from the UK theatre run of Da Kink.

and she has returned with a vengeance; last night i saw her perform to a small room of OCAD students. her words assault the mic. rythem follows her cadence. no music but her voice carries the beat. while her bangles punctuate the verse. she is a brilliant dub poet sharing words and stories about struggle and love. on stage, she is a sight to be seen and to be heard. the city is glad to have her back i feel for -

d'bi is opening the anitaAFRIKA! dub theatre at 62 fraser avenue (king and dufferin) -

parkdale big up! if i may speak on our behalf, we over-ostracized parkdalians are honored and ecstatic that dbi is bringing a radical, community artspace to our humble hood -

come out tonigth at 7pm to support the launch party of the first storyteller.groundings.fest slated to run Aug 19-24th, 2008

Live Performances and DJsbidding marketplace * raffles * henna body art * kissing booth * donations welcomed

anitAFRIKA dub theatre welcomes you to its new home in west toronto adt! is a radical arts initiative founded by d'bi young during her mentorhsip with dubb aatist visionary ahdri zhina mandiela, based on seven principles of dubpoetry and dubtheatre, used as mediums of social change through storytelling. This fundraising event is meant to gather resources for the company's inaugural storyteller.groundings.fest.

62 fraser avenue - parkdale- liberty village - one block south of King - two blocks east of dufferin. for more info 416.434.1823.

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