sorry, another candidate has more direct experience with policy...

everything is all up in the air,
floating just above my head,
just out of my reach,
blurry and hot to the touch it seems

everything is hovering above me
moving slow then quick then slow
i can't seem to pace my flow
too late, no wait, now too early

everything is not going as planned
but should i really tell you this?
truth is
the shit is out of hand
out of my hands rather
outside of my control
and i'm
out of dough
out of 'in'
out and out
time to begin again

no plans this time
no expectations
no path to follow
no game to win

stupid degree
false sense of security
stupid job
false sense of security
drop them all
false sense of security
watch me fall

time to begin again
shit makes no sense at all

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