self sabotage

i hear them laugh
such careless ease
never ponder existence
live each day as they please

why do i keep track?
i must love to look back
revisit where i have been
in search of it will mean
assess where it will lead
how i am to become me

but doubt is my shadow
trepidation puts me to bed
uncertainty haunts me
from deep inside my head

...jam, wondering if i should really post this...


pomegranate queen said...

I'm glad you did post it :)
"why do i keep track?"
I love this line. I ask myself the same thing, all the time.

Jamilah Malika said...

thank you friend... the rhymes are simple to date, but i find their cadence soothing. you are one reason there is a page for me to post and for you to visit - so thank you friend.