What to do, what to do

Last night I was literally tipsy... let's just leave it at that, certain individuals know this and may divulge if asked, but I will go no further, not here. You wanna know? Holler, give me a call, I'll tell you bout the red wine.

I will say I was at a wicked event, My City, My Story. A group of young photographers showcased their art - all very talented. Highlights include red painted africa on black woman's back, lil black baby boy getting off his tricycle looking vexed, very pregnant woman half dressed in a bboy stance, a mess of nike, addidas, puma shoes... some great pics. I think they may be up at the Parkdale Drink (west of Queen and Dufferin on Queen) for a minute, it's well worth checking out.

(please note I love parkdale to the fullest; wedged between a mad house and a rehab/detox center, it is low-income and "ghetto" some say, but it was my first neighborhood in TO and I will rep dem streets til i die, wanna fight about it? We could fight about it, I'll throw down...)

But the crowd... this young, ethnic, artistic community in Toronto is so damn cool, so good looking, so stylish - me a tell ya, me cyan lie - one fine-looking bunch.

So friend, I believe I signed in with a singular purpose: explain the header/banner words at the top of the page. I don't know if it requires complete explanation, but I'll give you some of the significance around hanumanji...

Lord Hanuman is my favorite deity in Hindu mythology. I went to a Sai Baba temple (recently vilified as a cult!) for years and years with my mother when we first immigrated to Canada (she was looking for the sounds and feel of a Trinidad pooja) and as a result every sunday was spent at the temple, an entire afternoon, beginning with a sort of sunday school where we learned the values and morals in ancient scripture and stories, followed by prayer and at the end of the night, mummy and i would head over to the Hare Krishna temple to catch the tail end of service but all of free dinner for all who came to worship - prayer requires sustenance, folks.

Hanuman comes to the rescue of Lord Rama whose wife Sita has been stolen away by the evil demon king Ravana - long story short, Hanuman only finds his power when he is called into the service of others. My sweet mumma gave me a little book on Hanuman when I was home in Vancouver recently and the writings on his significance really moved with me, helped me understand why I was so drawn to this monkey character as a child and reminded me of the person I'd like to be.

Hanuman's story teaches that "however well we render service there is always more to do and that life's greatest adventure is in the doing." Greene, Joshua. Hanuman, The Heroic Monkey God. Mandala Publishing, 2003.

Bless, jams

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