Earth Hour update

Here's what we contributed to: In all of Ontario, 900 MW of energy was saved, the equivalent of taking 3,200 cars off the road for one hour. In British Columbia, energy consumption was reduced by 125 MW. The energy saved in Ontario and British Columbia alone is equivalent to turning off 20.5 million lights. Check out the next step to Earth hour...

Well, i removed the earth hour link seeing as it has passed - i must say it was most memorable, earth hour occurred the same night i performed my reading and it was mighty convenient in all actually, given that I didn't relish the thought of bright lights beaming down on me before an audience. It was not hard to convince the conscious, creative crowd, what's better, the evening's luvly hostess blew us all away with her "earth hour appropriate" musical selection. What song you ask? None other than Teddy Pendergrass' "Turn off the lights" - not a joke. So, as we light the tea candles about the space, I see the mood is somewhat heightened by Teddy's crooning (mind you, near then end, Teddy's hushed tone turns impassioned to the point of hoarse until finally the man is screaming heated demands, "TURN 'EM OFF!!" - who wouldn't support earth hour when prompted by Teddy?) Now here's the thing... imagine all of us in the candle light listening to Teddy lose it... I get to thinking, "damn, earth hour is kinda sexy"... Seriously, I predict a slight irregular increase in births across North America nine months from now... I'm going to write a letter to the Earth Hour organization, suggesting this motown tune for the 2009 campaign, "Intimate Earth Hour" - I believe we would see a significant rise in support and action, for real.

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