the "friend's" response

so i've been making reference to this "friend" throughout this debate
- please note this girl is my bredren whom i respect to the utmost -
this morning my girl clarified for me and I'll share with you cause my girl is on point on her point which i did not clearly/correctly convey (as I knew i would, see disclaimer in initial post) -

as someone who writes on the daily, of course i write about stuff that may not be necessarily drawn from my own experiences. fiction gives you permission to create narratives that aren't derived from your own. that's the essence and beauty of fiction. but: politics aren't fiction. and the obvious problem with artistic license is that it leads to ish like blackface. Jamilah, you're wrong because i do believe that people can talk about experiences that they don't claim but when you're talking about factual experiences that don't belong to you, you have to explain your positionality and you can't turn around and shove your politics down my throat when you're using "Other" narratives to make your point!

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