closing the "cuba loop" -

i've been posting here and there about cuban reforms and fidel's health, more specifically if reforms mean the man is dead. This article assuages my fears, reporting that there is no rift and fidel is aware and accepting of changes... not that anybody has seen him since July '06... as i'm posting this, i'm checking myself, because do i really trust aussie news?

i am ignoring the sinking feeling that fidel died a long time ago, maybe one of those scares that made miami's cuban exiles take to the streets and block traffic with glee...

understand, there exists an older generation of caribbean folk who highly esteem the revolutionary leader of one tiny island in the face of an enormous powerful continent - i am the daughter of one such west indian, niece to another, and so on. at the dinner table, my mother, aunt and uncle spoke with dreamy nostalgia and complete respect of an island in the archipelago able to gain and maintain its independance. understand we are trini - the island colonized not once, not twice, not thrice but FOUR times - the dutch, the french, the spanish, the british - everybody wants a damn piece.

when i travelled to cuba i understood there are opposing sentiments, but i can't shake the love. but this it it, the loop is officially closed.

cerrado. nada mas. disculpame.

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