it's easier

it's easier to see others than to look at yourself
well, that goes both ways *sshole, don't it?
turns out jailers are prisoners too (listen)
so why end by telling me what to do?

it's easier to tell a lost soul what to do
because they look up and down, left and right
in the end they end up checking you too

but it is not easier to take a look at yourself
a good hard look - bet it's not so easy
but i would not presume to tell you what to do
too easy, dearie, much too easy to do.


pomegranate queen said...

we're all "lost souls". and that's forever. the longing, the searching.

i think whenever someone's telling us what to do, it's because they're really telling themselves.

'cause they just as lost as the rest of us.

n'est-ce pas?

Jamilah Malika said...

miss you love - thanks... i wrote it to my damn self...