new tchune, new kicks, new work out, wha?

reader, you may find this an out of place entry but i am in a new dancehall tchune dizzy and would like to share with anyone inclined to explicit lyrics set to heavy bass.

mavado is an interesting cat. i quite like his ugly mean mug and i love almost every track he's dropped in 2008. following the vybz-mavado beef that produced some hit tracks in '07 mavado continues to chatpurelyrics without making as specific threats, including, "money nah change we, we a money changer; if you diss we, ah danger" or "me nah bleach wit cream, me bleach wit me M16, shotta nah bleach in team, me alone create mi crime scene" or "thank jah, i'm so special, i'm so special, so special, so special, that why me strapped wit me 45special..."

each new tchune has a new dance, see Nah Bleach here and I'm So Special here, but do not try this at home kids.... the day break riddim is frightful, rockets takin off, clappin, chain links clinkin - nutty - if you don't bounce, something might be wrong with you - a neuron in your left brain ccould be misfiring or something because the sound is too hype, you might need to see a doctor.

if dancehall turns you on, but changes too fast to keep track, check out Federation Invasion's wicked weekly pod casts

now, as you can see I'm a fan of the music, but currently there is one crazy crossover i find confusing -

Nike recently came out with a Mavado shoe - see pic here - and now that Asafa Powell, a Jamaican, is the world's fastest man, Mavado released a tribute track entitled On The Go - watch here - somehow the crossover has culmintated in all 3 collaborating to produce a 35 minute workout set to reggae/dancehall - see press release here.

I'm sorry, what? A few questions:

1) what will mavado rhyme about for 35 minutes that is work out appropriate?

2) will the workout gear be a yellow and green mess of spandex?

3) will the exercises be a series of dances created by jamaica's own all star dance crews?

i don't know who it will be marketed to or how but i am buying a copy! or more likely copping a bootleg up on eglinton... and you'd better believe i ain't exercising to it at all - pure entertainment collectible value, star, big ting a gwaan, big tings.

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