holy happens all around,

blessings, ase, give thanks - it's a new year.

all the best to the blogsphere, eyes on screens, hearts at a distance - lovelovelove.

now, i'm not the festive type, though i do like clean slates and peaceful pious persons and the other day the two collided... parkdale, my hood, is home to several churches of all denominations and in the same day of early '09 i passed quiet groups of young monks in white and blue as well as orange and red, all passing beads through teir fingers and prayers over tongues and i thought to myself, "how lovely."

the snow continued to fall silently on their garb, on me, the sidewalk i trodded upon but i couldn't shake the buzzing feeling that sometimes loving god and your god's people can be a heinous horrid affair - gaza in this moment.

let's love a little more. take a moment to this about it... and while we are hushed in reflection may the lord have mercy on us all. i mean all.

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