2009 lovesex quandry

my dilemma -

intimacy in 2009 obliges a level of dialogue
however the conversation to many connotes a level of commitment
before those lines/shapes/squiggles have necessarily been drawn

though i have left some such marks in your back...

so, how to broach or approach this conversation
without the misinterpretation/accusation
that this wom/hu/man wants to lock you down?

because i truly don't give a fuck what we are doing or where this is going
i do not need a label or a drawer or a sweater with a letter or a ring

all i really want is to pin you down
with my body, my mouth on your mouth, our limbs entangled
(at times, not all the time, but sometimes)
(in this case, in addition to our friendship)
in this present moment. today.

remembering tomorrow is a new day.
knowing neither can commit to feeling the same way
tomorrow as we do today.

truth is 2009 obliges
a mutual understanding for
reciprocal esteem of both mind and body
some sense from both parties of
truth and trust in the 'thing'

particularly that neither is
the unsuspecting third party
to danger or deceit,
can you feel me?

'cos baby, i can easily risk my heart
but my self-respect and physical health
are much too dear to me,
and much more so than the idea of 'we'.

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