Alberta is the next Niger Delta?

Check this out:"The Tar Sands, Selling Alberta's Oil"

The gist is Alberta is whoring herself out to America. Greed and Immorality are closely followed by out-right stupitidy and fear-mongering as Canada carves out a new niche for herself in a post 9-11 world as the stable oil source to the south...

On this course Canada will surely meet the fate of allegedly ex-third world/ex-colony disenfranchised nations, now touted as "developing" countries with largely unsustainable futures - growing greivances and insecurity.

If the oil is going to be sold off to the highest bidder - the US, China (pitched to the former as the enemy competition; get in there buddy, these Chinese are clamouring for our oil sands, don't let 'em get their hands on it!!) - Canada (federal or provincial) must be involved and protect the interests of its citizens and environment.

Meanwhile Newfoundland is securing its future (and future profits) with sound environmental and fair royalty rates - Newfoundland is putting Alberta and Canada to shame with progressive politics, yes, it's true.

(1)Foreign Ownership; the fallout is intensified by low and ever-decreasing royalties which mean cheap oil for Americans at an enormous social and environmental cost for Alberta AND merging US-Canada policies... pro oil/insecurity/war-in-Afghanistan policies... this is us, 'hi, i'm canada. i'm your cheap, stable, source for the next hundred years, not like those arabs. let's hug... or should i turn around?'

(2)Fort McMurray, aka Fort McMoney, Alberta is our nation's new migrant hub. 30,000 laborers strong and growing, all banking on the American, oops, I mean Albertan dream... many finding isolation, depression, social destabilization; strained marriages, a drug abuse crisis, more and more are joining the "working poor" and homeless...

(3) The basic stats are hard to believe: by 2045 Alberta will be the number 2 oil-producing country in the world with a projection of stable output at 11 billion barrels a day for the next one hundred years.

Kyoto what? Kyoto who? Harper is making Paul Martin look like a flippin green revolutionary...

Good bye Pearson's peace keeper dream... Adieu Trudeau's days of progressive internationalism... So long Canada's general positive image abroad... Hello heavy footed, backwards, drooling foolish Canada, slummin it with her southern step-mother calling the shots. Hello eager new sycophant to the States.

Maybe Canada was always this way? With origins in Chinese slavery and Indigenous apartheid maybe Canada is merely going back to her roots of poor policies and disregard for humanity...


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