a poem

I saw you,
did you see me?
you stepped off the bus
unmoving i wait to board
no salutation, no embrace
how very unlike me.

though it was early
i could not go home with you
nor could you come with me

i just don't feel
the same way you feel
about the possibility of

At that moment
LKJ deep in my ears
please don't disturb
his lovadub rhyme


she left Linton
standing the rain
now he's going insane
and oh, what a terrible pain

and i'm sorry because
i did not mean to do the same...

no matta how late or early
i cannot go home with you
nor can i invite you to
come with me
not in all honesty

the simple truth is
(i'm sorry but,)
i do not share your feelings
on the possibility of

Jamilah Malika

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