a jaunt?

i'm off to nyc tomorrow evening; i think a five day trip to nyc qualifies as a jaunt, don't you?

a jaunt to new york - i'm beside myself. i love to visit new york but usually i roll with a pack of pretty ladies (sleepless weekends, shopping and limin' and generally tearing it up) whereas this time i'm off on my own. the ticket purchase was spurred by a few things: a sweet deal, people to see, a poetry reading and a book launch. i'm very lucky to be able to do so, to get the time off, to have a passport, to have a mind to just book a ticket and make movements on a whim; read about the book launch and the spoken word and thought of good company and said to myself, self, why not?

so i'll be back in a minute, see you next sunday. i'll tell you all about it!


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