genius and truth (as spoken by friends)

"you know TO media is anti heat, right?" - Nikkhil. local news and radio stations put the fear of god in city-dwellers when the summer finally arrives by (a) exaggerating the forecast; i swear to god some days they claim it's 23C and it can't be warmer that 15C (b) broadcasting heat and smog warnings that effectively demand you remain indoors from sunrise to sunset... ("uh, excuse me, sorry, what? you musse mad. kiss me backside an' g'way." Jamilah)

"the history of music is the white man stealing the black man's sound but it started much earlier than elvis, jamilah, we began with the 4x4 beat - this originally african beat provided the musical basis for all classical music, the waltz..." - Warren. check warren and his lovely band at Not My Dog (Parkdale, TO) open mike nights most every wednesday.

"in alota ways, the planet still operate on some the-world-is-flat type philosphy; dated and plain wrong..." - Moses. i'm paraphrasing slightly here but you get the gist.

"Stick with me, kid." Nehal. nuff said.

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