terry lynn live -

Outside the bar, perched on a ledge is a thin frame under a lowered fro. She is casual in jeans, heels and sunglasses - i suspect it's 'her,' but I'm unsure, so I go inside (she's can't possibly be on time, can she? is that her? isn't she taller?) and wait for the show. Of course, it was Terry Lynn; I know this when the same solitary woman saunters on stage, peers into the crowd, stretches out one hand and proceeds to rock tha mic.

With support from Toronto's own Ro'Dolla, Terry Lynn dropped her original style on an entirely unsuspecting crowd - little do they know this female, jamaican act is about to blast through the industry's sensibilities, beat down the audience's median expectations and blow up the international music scene.

Remember when we first heard grime? The newness of the beats with the heavy speed of the lyrics disturbed hip hop heads - showed 'em how across an ocean a completely different context can breed equally ingenius music - this is it all over again, but better because there's no genre yet, just terry lynn, standing alone between electronic sound and JA DJ flow, holding the two together with everything she's got.

And she's got it all. you know that 'it' they talk about? terry, with her hard chat and delicate features, with her dark shades and broad smile, with her waterhouse broughtupsie and worldly sense is bringing kingston logic hard - shut your mouth and listen, "dream it, plan it, chance it, risk it, bring your guns, machete, ratchet..."

Don't be afraid, fusion is the future.

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