just mumblin bout muzak here,

I love my conscious hip hop, but as my girl says, "I can slum it" when it comes to certain tunes.

Case in point/Point in case: DJ Khaled, T-Pain and friends remix "I'm so hood". This tune is the lick, if you love bass and badman lyrics, you'll love this track - goes a little something like this,

I'm SO HOOOOOOOOOOOD, and i wear my pants below my waist and i never dance when i'm in this place and you and your boys just tryin to hate, I'm SO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOD, and if you feel me put your hands up, HOOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOD, my hood ni**as would you stand up HOOOOOOOOOOOOD and if you not from here you can walk it out and you not hood if you don't know what i'm talkin bout

and then the drums kick and the bass rolls and i wanna screw up my face and kiss me teeth and gwaan pose off like a rude bwoy gangsta and jus' bus' a dance inna de place. fe real.

now, here's my dilemma: there is a line in the remix when Fat Joe ends his rhyme as follows:

You's a crack baby?
That means yo' mama paid me!
You can't even blame me
that's how the hood made me!

now really, does Fat Joe really get it?

Is he thinking "this is the tragic truth of these streets, we kill our own, can't even blame the next man for makin dis paper, jus' hustlin, tryin to get mine"?

Is he dropping some deep social commentary? exposing the hard truth of poverty and drugs? a call to arms?

Or is he just bragging? AND immediately following the garish posturing by abdicating all responsibility like a real smart ass?

man i don't know but every time i hear it I cringe, like I wanna shake my fists and shout "why, Fat Joe, why?!"

please tell me why.

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