the return of summer

summertime is slowly returning to the streets of toronto. as I emerge from hibernation, squinting my eyes at the sun, I am so glad to see you again. lock up your winter coat, don your sunglasses and come out, you'll see how happy I am to see you!

"it's been too long, what's really good?"

"yo, haven't seen you in a minute, how are you?"

"man, so nice to see you again, what you been up to?"

the sun has returned and found the jovial in me, we are laughing, hugging in the street, I'm so glad to see you again! the return of summer dusted the chills off, greased my shoulders back down to their natural state, put a smile on my face and a kick in my step.

Let's go! Where? Anywhere!

Let's walk! Where? Who cares!

Let's see! What? Who knows!

this way, I am bound to run into you. I'm sure I'll see you soon, somewhere, sometime, likely on these streets, these "nostalgic pavements" grey hot and pounding with footsteps; sandals, flip flops, slip ons - aren't your feet glad? my feet are ecstatic! my skin is calling out for loose fits and lightness and freedom; expose me! show me!

Let's lay out on the grass, I want to soak you in. I see orange when I close my eyes and bird sounds are in the air. Smells like green. Wind blows warm. Feels like alive.

Smile. Summer is back.

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