big pharma will not lay down - unless we pull, push and throw down...

bill c-51 and 52 were introduced to the canadian parliament in april 2008.

with the growing use of naturapaths, homeopaths and therapies that are not endorsed by your run of the mill GP, pharmaceutical companies are protecting their interests by pushing the appropriate legistation: C-51 and 52. as criticism of western medicine and prescription drugs rises (and rightly so,) and people begin to take their own health in to their hands, the government, their big pharma lobbyists and crooked politicians are getting ready to put up one helluva fight. let's do the same.

There is a march in TO on Saturday... remember marches?
Show your opposition! Meet at 10.30 AM in front of Queen's Park (South Side) March begins at 11:00 AM. We will march South on University to Queen, East on Queen to Yonge, North on Yonge to College & West back to Queens Park. Show your solidarity with marches in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton & Lethbridge.

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