yesterday was a doozy, i couldn't help myself - post after post after post...

a hypothesis:
i am of a generation with an inordinately developed
sensibility, consciousness, awareness, sensitivity, understanding
"well being" "personal growth" "finding one's self" and introspection in general
from counselors in schools to the self-help movement
this western culture has a new vocabulary around (and therefore affirmation of) the "self" and self discovery
... danger? or savior?

(These days self discovery is taking over the market with dvds and tapes and books - one could buy a book with a title that purports to lift the veil - but don't do it! Buy a regular book with a title that purports nothing but to tell you a story - lessons are in the human experience.)

As a result online we express and share, we blog, we search for its own sake, for understanding, for connectivity. Coincidentally, I am a too often a totally transparent individual (interesting in human relationships) who finds this medium extraordinary - my words are out there, but they are read unbeknownst to me and their effect is a secret for your mind, not mine - i find this freeing. We are giving of ourselves across distances through a technological medium, finding intimacy through machines - how strange and yet how lovely.

But too much of anything is not good; reflection has been a vice of mine for some time and I've always wondered about just how healthy and/or productive that habit is... as the header reads, I'm striving for more action...

my girl reminded me, if our grandmothers had reflected as much as we do on their lives, would they have ever survived?

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