what do you think?

maybe you think that I am naive.
maybe you think that I am a case.
maybe you think that I am a fool.
or maybe you think that I am a genius.

but I am learning my worth -
as well as the worthlessness of these wonderings...

what i know is the richness of love.
what i know is the oneness of love.

what i have come to learn is not to curse love's fleeting temperament
rather to enjoy it and praise it and live it
by sharing it wholeheartedly and remembering it fondly when it leaves

you see,
i was too young to become jaded by broken hearts
the gravity of love's disastrous ending evaded me and so
i see love as all around and nowhere
i see love as all the time and everywhere
i show love how i came to know love -
smiling, hugging, touching, laughing, soothing, cooing...
i know i will fall in and out of love endless times in this lifetime
i know that romantic love is one of many loves i will share;
children, friends and enemies will teach me love's infinite spectrum
and as a woman, i know that i must strive to be sure love's many faces are not obscured by one single face...

what i have come to learn is that love is no more than a choice.
it comes and goes, you can fall in or throw it away - you choose.
there is no soul mate, no forever, no one person to bank on -
you can fall in love with one of a zillion (or 6 billion) people
in a given circumstance, context, environment... you choose.

don't be afraid, love,
for the one person who cannot know love is he who has lost faith in love, the disbeliever, one whose trust in love has been broken, affronted and betrayed. and you'll forget that love is all around you always, love, always.

no need to fret, love,
for there's enough life for love and purpose. and you'll find purpose has no purpose when it is not shared and full of love for we are humans on this earth merely to love. your purpose will be emboldened by love, will grow in love's light, manifest with greater fervor imbued by love. know that you won't spare anyone (not even yourself) by avoiding love in the hopes of escaping heartache. if you truly live this life, heartache will find you, but love will make it worthwhile.

stay strong, love,
for we should all be congratulated for loving. when love ends, we should feel proud for having loved as long as we have. we should thank each other for having learned through loving. we should try not to be a backside on the way out so as to shelter love in others' eyes, to ensure that we have not spoiled love for those we love most, to ensure that we can all continue to love.

know that i want you to love, love.
love, love, and live live...
(verb, noun, conjunction verb adjective...)

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