how they grow...

when i first arrived in this city I began working at Irie Food Joint on Queen West and I'm certain that the vast majority of my close TO relationships are in some way touched by my stay there.

If I were to get picked up by police, I would call my old boss.

When people hail me up in the street, it's often cause i used to serve them curry chicken communista, jerk chicken salad, rasta pasta or seafood gumbo (mmmmmmm...)

and many of the beautiful burgeoning artists and producers I know have passed through or worked there at times - one such individual is one lovely Zaki Ibrahim.

tonight Zaki is performing at the Mod Club (college and grace) to signal the release of her new (and second) EP Eclectica (episodes in purple). here's a preview.

this is music to support, to celebrate, to live to.

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