if you thought dancehall was all whine this, badman that, then watch this -

I love dancehall music. For all it's hyper sexualized lyrics and extremely violent content, I love dancehall. The homophobia makes me stop in the dance and frown I must admit, but that element is a sociocultural phenomena related to religion on the island (not historically local customs, rather it is a legacy of the king james bible of colonial powers,) related to the idea of the badman (a result of the returned deportees cycle; since independence men go abroad, see crime on a large scale, go to jail, get deported and presume to replicate it on a small, hot island accustomed to natural threats like hurricanes) and related to a certain macho attitude which I'm told began with exposure to westerns but is influenced by local customs and values.

we can't forget that music fertilized in "tha streets" always offers insightful social commentary that we all ought to listen closely to.

here's a brilliant example brought to us by vybz kartel -

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