it seems rap is in overhaul, mind you, they doin it well overseas

since my first RAP TRAXX tapes, i have loved the music... i'm sure we can all agree hip hop has largely gone to hell since our youth, but recent findings have me convinced that rap is in transformation and preparing for one helluva comeback.

some recent findings include:

the cool kids and the shapshifters in the states

the 84.85 and times neue roman in canada

but more recent findings have me convinced that France is doing it better;

i loved french rappers in the days of IAM, mc solaar and saian supa crew (thank god one former member is back with new ish this year vicelow's blue tape came out in April, ex-bandmate sir samuel released vize pli o in 2005 - these boys make my heart heave, so so luverly) but the scene stays hype with TTC who call their style "music for kids with hoverboards" - group members don't stop at one group, check em out: la caution , tido berman , teki latex , cuizinier... and it seems french djs are more organized than the mafia - see parisdjs.com

here are some links to help you stay up on the french rap scene:
lucky for anglophones, YO LA LA produces an english podcast to stay up on french hip hop

bboykonsion.com is a site devoted to french hip hop and reggae artists (in french)

and frenchrap.de is home to super current, underground mixtapes (in french)

faut bien ecouter cheri(e),
c'est la verite ce qu'ils disent,
car le rap francais laisse le banlieu s'exprime.

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