plastic bags - the plight of the third world (or "developing world" if that makes you feel better, kind reader)

i hate plastic bags.

mostly i hate them abroad, more so in impoverished places where plastic bags exist in excess, i'm thinkin of trips to nicaragua, burkina, india, jamaica (where they're aptly termed 'scandal bags' - i guess cause they rustle and crinkle so much, carrying contents secretly is impossible) where I've seen plastic bags in abundance - at the beach, scuttling across deserts, all over the market, on the side of the road, down ravines, embedded into the earth (seemingly taken root and growing like part of the natural fauna) EVERYWHERE.

the problem is so huge a few countries (and one North American city) are taking steps against the proliferation of plastic bags including India, China and Ireland. while i was at home in Vancouver at the end of '06, i was a anti-plastic bag crusader, telling friends, family and strangers to RESIST and RE-USE; do not accept any more plastic bags and use your old ones, better yet, buy a cloth one! More often than not, you just don't need it - toss your purchase in your shoulder bag, your bike basket, your pocket or HOLD it (hence hands). One friend said this was a revelation and was shocked at the response of the grocery bagger when he first began to refuse, "Jamilah, it was like kickin drugs - the dude was like, 'here, take the plastic bag sir, you'll need it! take it!!' and i was all, "no man, i'm cool, it's cool!!' seriously i though he was gonna chase me down..."

But what about all the plastic bags in the dump? One Canadian 16yr old kid has the answer!

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