like water i guess

those who know me know that i have spent the two short years since graduation (just a wee lil undergraduate type thingie) feeling more or less like water - spilled all over, impossible to hold, fleeting, transient, fluid, ... then when contained (read employed) i feel stale, limited, no restricted, on the edge of turning sour and discolored.

as a student it's easy to pick up purpose from a program or a project
as a friend it's easy to pick up purpose for a time
as a woman it's easy to pick up purpose from a man (Zaki Ibrahim, Computer Girl "Will you ever need me just like i need you, make my life smooth, show me what do do")

as myself, I have some simple sense of purpose (live, learn, teach, write) but much confusion remains as to how to get to the doing in an active, consistent way... in reflection... maybe i make it too complicated... i'll figure it out. trust.

either way, this article, resonates with me like a old brick dashed away into a bottomless pond.

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