white privilege poster poy

there's a young fellow in "the scene" i've met a couple of times through mutual friends (good people, people who do good work for, people i respect) and every time i see him he's busy shouting some garbage and he inspires the most irritating nausea in me; i don't know whether to punch him or puke on him. but i held it down (literally,) came home and scribbled this -

Your smug entitlement and ignorant oblivion
Do not so much as offend so much as make me feel dirty.
You squawk and flail to prove how far you’ve traveled
Just print your passport stamps on a t-shirt and spare me.

in spite of the miles, you've learned nothing at all.
if this world had made any impression, you wouldn't have the gall.

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Matt said...

Nice. I don't even know this person, but you paint a pretty good picture.