mad mothers and black daddies

in the same weekend i heard a new track from this girl that opens

"Aint' no daddies where i'm from, it's just mad mothers," (that line dropped on me like a ton of bricks. it's interesting to me because my absent father story is an anomoly compared to the current context...)

i met a fellow named brandon hay who has organized The Black Daddies Club here in Toronto. i must say i was pleased and pleasantly surprised.

they are a new and growing group, so please tell the young and old black fathers you know (i'm told the former ask the questions and the latter answer and reflect on the new yet familier realities) as well as black mothers of sons - i argued vehemently that they need to be included (and met no opposition - thank you brandon.)

yes, some daddies are absent, but some daddies are trying - big up brandon and all the black daddies club daddies.

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