no regular visit to the bank

so i left my desk merely to get a draft check for the rent (bah) and ended up having a most pleasant chat with a friendly teller (a cuter, cooler shaggy from scooby doo type) who professed to be "a musician". i asked about open mics for a friend of mine because i assumed that this fellow was a guitar playing indie kinda guy until he looked down and around and added that actually he's a rapper (shh, quite the top secret information inside the bank walls). i was a wee surprised.

so we exchange info and back at my desk i was almost alarmed (sorry colin) to find that the kid is a most talented emcee, like a for real rapper, with flow and style and newness - check out The 84.85 (two dudes, one on beats, one on ryhmes.) i was so impressed i left my desk and walked across the street to tell him so.

so dude works at the bank and i'm across the street in another financial tower; "musician" and "writer."

how tragic.

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