thursday night at the fights

i've been debating posting this it's so crazy - great photography from this JA magazine

wee bit of context -
denham town is up the road from tivoli gardens, kingston JA (just down from the bus loop and the indoor and outdoor markets.) the denham town police station sits squarely between the two neighborhoods on old spanish town road looking too rundown to loom over passerbys. police rarely venture into either hood - there is no need, both denham town and tivoli are managed, patrolled and surveilled under the watchful eyes of the don, his gunmen and an army of unsuspecting lookouts.
during my last visit to tivoli, a measly 1000JA ($20CDN) was thief'd from me - a fact unbeknownst to me until i was alerted by a local friend who inquired obsequiously how recently i had counted my money as if to say 'idiat girl, if yuh nah know wey yuh money dehdeh, ah me know it nah dehdeh!!' the don was notified and said or did what was necessary to have my money returned to me by sunset - no lie - i have never experienced something similar in my travels.
if police and/or jamaican defense forces enter either area, there is always bloodshed on both sides - i don't know why the state continues these futile attempts to parade power over the poor and powerless because between the don, his gunmen and the lookouts - as long as you got people in tivoli or denham lookin out for you - it is relatively safe (unless you have perpetrated something against someone and only then are you then slated to die, get yours or get lost in which case you likely deserve it.)

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